How to buy a turnkey casino site

To purchase a turnkey casino, contact our manager and make a payment using your preferred payment method.
After that, our company specialist will launch the site transfer according to the following procedure:
1. The seller transfers the domain name (the site name) to the Buyer. To perform the domain transfer, the buyer sends the ID and the login from ( is a domain registrar, register here:
2. The seller sends the site archive to the buyers mail. The archive contains everything needed to install the casino along with the installation instructions.
3. The seller transfers logins and passwords from the hosting service that hosts the casino site to the Buyer (register a new account on the servers located in Germany, transfer the site on the new server and grant the access).
4. The seller connects the casino to the payment systems using the payment aggregators listed on the page
5. We advise on games configuring and instruct on the use of the casinos administrative part.

How to create a casino from scratch
To launch a casino on the Internet, you must register and purchase the following components:
1. Domain name (the domain, site name). The domain is registered at any domain registration company, e.g.: Domain price starts from $ 9 per year. Come up with a memorable short name for your casino!
2. Server/hosting hosting your casino on the server. There are installation instructions aimed at helping you install the casino on the server. In addition, it is possible to register mailboxes and store and maintain databases on the hosting. The hosting is registered on servers located in foreign countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands. Hosting price starts from $ 5-40 per month.
3. Software (script, casino engine) we present a variety of casino scripts. Please visit to choose.

After the acquisition of the necessary services and the purchase of a script, proceed to installing it on a server and connecting it to the payment systems. This procedure takes a few hours.
This completes the creation of a casino; the brand new gambling club is ready!
How to conduct a transaction using the guarantor service