Readymade websites for sale

Prior to buying an online casino, a customer can play a trial game and become familiar with the admin panel. When selling a casino, we guarantee transfer of the domain name, transfer of the website, connection of required payment systems, advice and adjustment.
218 игр
Masvet 8.5

€ 3200

demo admin по запросу
сайт (demotest/demotest)
админ: (admin/admin)

€ 1200
100 games
demo/demo, admin: admin/admin

€ 1000
40 games
demo/demo, admin: admin/admin

€ 1100

Selling Online Casinos

Purchasing ready to operate online casinos is advantageous for practical people who wish to have everything at once.
They often do not have enough time to develop their own ideas, elaborate a design, etc. In other words, today a customer is only thinking of opening an online casino and tomorrow he/she is going to start making profit from online gambling industry.
All long and complicated stages of the product development have already been passed by our specialists.

Ready to operate Casinos

Later on, after having estimated the results and fully understood the business, a casino owner will be able to add some custom designed games with the assistance of our programmers.
Today, you can buy an online casino which already contains a great number of games. Blackjack, Slots and Roulette are still the most popular among them.
This aspect has been taken into account in our ready for sale projects as we have completed our online casinos according to game ranking.