Rent online casino site

Hosting period Ц 1 month
Price Ц 9800RUB or 150$
Each month website price reduces by 150$, in such a way if customer will pay for hosting each month, he can buy out casino fully.
If the player refused of the website hosting then it come up for sale again.
You can host casino the price of which is not higher then 800$.

Hosting advantages

Websites which are provided for hosting are without debts.
The opportunity to have a shot at gambling business without investing.
All customer casino profit is left to him/her.
The customer has privy to administration part where he/she can make any game at any return interest.
Casino account replenishment is made via the system for which we make casino available. You will have personal account in this system. You may withdraw all earnings from this account.
The administration makes no interference in casino work.
The Administrator creates chat with customers, counters and alike scripts for analytics.

Hosting procedure

When the payment is received the website becomes out of sale and free Ц payment service provider is activated.
Turnover of ready to operate website with activated payments may last up to 48 hours (truly it may last several hours).
The owner does not charge additional payments for all period of hosting.

Casino buyout

Holder has an exclusive right to buyout choosing casino, for example, if hosted casino`s price is 800$, then after one month of hosting the holder has a right to buyout it for 650$ or after two months of hosting to buyout this website for 500$.