Casino software sales transaction warranty

If you want to buy a script, a turnkey website, or other products on the Internet from the seller, or you want to sell something to the buyer, the guarantor will take care of the transaction security.
As an intermediary, the Guarantor ensures that both parties receive an appropriate product (or money) in the absence of claims from both sides.
How to conduct a transaction using the guarantor service
Any transaction is carried out in several stages:
The buyer contacts the guarantor having previously agreed upon carrying the transaction using the guarantor service with the seller. The buyer provides information on the amount of the transaction, the payment system, as well as the sellers contact details to the guarantor.

The Guarantor sends the invoice for payment for the goods to the buyer; the invoice amount equals the price of the purchased goods.
After the receipt of funds to the account, the service guarantor informs the seller on the receipt of funds; he/she may now proceed to providing its services or transferring the goods.
Once the dealer finishes providing the services, the buyer should confirm it.
The money is transferred to the seller, and the transaction is deemed completed.
In case of performing a transaction using the guarantor service, assumes all expenses for the guarantor services.
So far we have worked with, but it is possible to choose a different guarantor service