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Masvet 6.5


Casino / Creation kit

Script casino Masvet 6.5 is an online casino script featuring colorful graphics and a set of the most popular games


Masvet 7.1


Casino / Creation kit

Script casino Masvet 7.1 this script features all of the webs hottest online casino games, ultimate script casino for club players


Masvet 7.4


Casino / Creation kit

Script casino Masvet 7.4 professional online casino software platform with high quality casino games and all corresponding


Masvet 8


Casino / Creation kit

Masvet 8 - a new online script with a lot of popular games. 136 games: Deluxe, PLAYTRONIC, SHERIFF, 3D ...

Start your online casino

Internet casino buying ready to operate will be profitable for pragmatic people, who wants to get everything at once.
Frequently they have no time for development of own ideas, design premeditation etc.
Simply stated, Today, customer is just thinking about opening internet casino, but tomorrow he/she will start to play in his own one.

Our software platform has been developed after continuous market research and since the beginning, we have worked on improving it every day. The software will be hosted on your server, with no dependency on our availability. Your casino will be running online for years
Online gambling is one of the most successful business in casino industry

Game development for online casino is conducted by our programmers and designers, that is why we can guarantee high quality of this products. All this with reasonable rate provide to our soft high popularity among buyers.
Every game has an open program code and there installation to your website drive is very easy and will take less than 5 minutes.

Casino Management

As a casino operator, you should ensure that the software you are using to provide casino services has a high speed performance, very reliable, easily scalable, very stable and has a favorable quality to price ratio:
access admin/admin

Admin panel

img Masvet 6.5 - 94 games $640.00 $800.00
img Masvet 7.1 - 100 games $768.00 Logo as a gift
img Masvet 7.4 - 60 games $960.00 $1200.00
img Masvet 8 - 136 games $1450.00 Promotion
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